The Walt Disney World Theme-Park Restaurants Bracket -- Round Five

Friends, we’ve narrowed it down to a Final Four of the bracket all about the restaurants of the Walt Disney World theme parks. But really, it’s now a bracket almost entirely focused on the restaurants of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as three of its eating locations have survived this far.

Which restaurants would I send to the Top Two? Let’s find out.

(13) PizzeRizzo vs. (14) Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater: The allure of the Muppets is such that PizzeRizzo has made it very far in this bracket, in spite of having pizza that looks like this.

I want to emphasize — that’s an actual picture of the food at PizzeRizzo from the Walt Disney World website, not a photo of something you can buy at Pizza Hut. But it sure looks like it, huh? For that alone, I must vote for the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater. Both of these locations have had passionate fanbases throughout the bracket. I’m curious to see if this matchup is close.

(9) Garden Grill vs. (4) ‘50s Prime Time Cafe: I admit that I’m disappointed Via Napoli didn’t win in the last round, if only because it would’ve been nice if authentic Italian pizza was able to potentially go head to head against the pizza you saw up there. I’m going to stick with the restaurant that toppled Via Napoli here. I like the rotating-restaurant element of Garden Grill, but the theming is more low-key (and arguably too low-key for this battle). ‘50s Prime Time to the top.

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