The Walt Disney World Theme-Park Restaurants Bracket -- Round Four

We’ve winnowed down a field of 64 seeds to just an Elite Eight, and I’m pretty pleased that this has become one of the more unexpected brackets to date. There are no number-one seeds remaining, and nothing higher than a 4 seed. It’s still anyone’s game.

So who would I send to the Final Four? Read on!

(13) PizzeRizzo vs. (6) Oga’s Cantina: So my wife and I enjoy watching lots of theme-park videos when we’re not doing work, and one of the people we enjoy watching the most is Molly from As fate would have it, she recently did a video on what it is about pizza that Disney parks so frequently get wrong. One of her first stops was, as you might expect, PizzeRizzo.

Here’s the thing. I love the Muppets. I think the theming on PizzeRizzo is very snazzy. But as I watched Molly film herself eating the cafeteria-style pizza that is this restaurant’s bailiwick, I thought to myself, “Ah yes. This is why the people who don’t want PizzeRizzo to win really don’t want PizzeRizzo to win.” I recognize this pizza. It’s pizza you could get at Sam’s Club or Costco. It’s pizza you get in a rush. It’s pizza you can get anywhere. Why should I visit Walt Disney World for that?

So yes, while I love the Muppets, I must admit: I am pro-Oga’s in this battle.

(5) Biergarten vs. (14) Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater: It’s here that I stick with the experience I remember most, and that’s at Biergarten. Solid food and good entertainment. Dinner and a show wins here either way, but I’ll go for the old-fashioned experience this time. (Yes, older than drive-ins.)

(9) Garden Grill vs. (7) Satu’li Canteen: This time around, I vote for the restaurant that overlooks one of the most underrated Epcot attractions, Living with the Land. Garden Grill for the win.

(4) ‘50s Prime Time Cafe vs. (7) Via Napoli: That very same AllEars video calls out exactly what kind of pizza Disney does get right: authentic pizza straight from Naples. I like ‘50s Prime Time Cafe a lot, but Via Napoli has some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. It gets my vote.

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